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Brilliant Earth offers a beautiful collection of conflict free, eco-friendly lab created diamonds! Read and discover why Brilliant Earth is the best place to buy lab creating rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from!

Lab created diamonds are man-made diamonds created and grown in a laboratory in highly controlled and supervised environments by utilizing modern technological processes that imitate the conditions under which diamonds are developed in nature, beneath the Earth’s crust. These diamonds are also known as cultured and engineered diamonds and they consist of carbon atoms that are organized in the typical diamond crystal structure. They are made of the exact same material as natural diamonds, meaning they have the same chemical and physical properties and they have the same scintillation, fire, and sparkle.

By using a jewelry loupe, the lab created diamonds are almost impossible to differentiate from the natural ones. The man-made diamonds may show different trace elements however, that certainly doesn’t affect the look of the diamond.

The man-made diamonds can be distinguished from natural diamonds only with specific tests by using a specific equipment. The lab created diamonds should always come with GEM certifications which identify them as diamonds that are grown in a laboratory.

Brilliant Earth can offer you a beautiful collection of conflict free, eco-friendly lab created diamonds. This company is absolutely dedicated to offering environmentally and socially responsible diamond jewelry only. All of their lab created diamond jewelry rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets come with a certificate of origin to assure you that they are grown in an ethical environment with a minimal environmental impact.

The importance of lab created diamonds lies in their features. So, are you excited to discover what are they?

The lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in a chemical composition and physical structure. Logically, as they possess the exact same composition, they exhibit identical characteristics. And since these man-made diamonds are grown in labs, they appear cheaper than natural diamonds. This means that you can enjoy cheaper diamonds of the exact same quality of a real diamond.

There are a few colors that are available for lab created diamonds. A natural diamond is always colorless and the lab-grown diamonds start with a yellow shade. When a natural diamond is exposed to pressure and heat for years, the nitrogen atom divides within the lattice and gives rise to more white light. When it comes to lab created diamonds, the sale color of light is transmitted by placing fewer nitrogen atoms.

The lab created diamonds are available in different shapes such as Princess cut, Round Brilliant cut, Oval cut, Pear-shaped, Emerald cut, Cushion cut, Asscher cut, Marquise cut, and Radiant cut just like natural diamonds. You have an opportunity to enjoy these shapes at an affordable price.

The lab created diamonds are socially conscious and conflict free. They have a low contribution to ecological effect.

By searching the online inventory of Brilliant Earth, you can find and choose your perfect lab created diamond. You can also search their beautiful collection of conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds. Once you will find the diamond of your dreams, the diamond can be set in the recycled platinum or gold setting of your choice.

Go to the official Briliant Earth Reviews site where you can select a preferred shape, price, carat, cut, color, and clarity and find the perfect diamond according to your needs, style, budget, and preferences!

If you need help, ask the qualified jewelers to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for you, for your fiance, or life partner!

Have fun!